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Rave Art Reviews!

These are a couple items I design using Everbrite as a finish.
~ Kathy Corgiat

Thank you for the help! The pictures are of two windchimes that I just finished. I was worried that the Everbrite would change the tone but it did not. Thanks again for your help and
~Terry Reeve

We used the Everbrite on the copper roof of the cupola and on the weathervane. It looks great!Thanks! ~Laura Hamilton

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU! I have been spraying my copper creations withProtectaclear and they look Fantastic!!Protectaclear is the best clear protectant on the market by far. It dries really fast and there is no streaking or drips or yellowing. It doesn't chip crack or flake. My customers of Carolina Copper Creations really love it! have used the ProtectaClear and once I learn how to hang the product after I have coated it I will be very
Happy. ~Joseph Owens

We use Everbrite Protective Coating to keepour beautiful art looking bright, prevent tarnish and salt corrosion.~Key West Copper Art

I have used it on many of my pieces now. All I did was clean the metal and apply with a sponge brush. It went on smooth and the self- leveling was perfect. Dried quickly.~Wendy Gellert

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