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Has your Metal Roof Lost Its Luster?

Faded, dull metal roofs can look like new again when restored with Everbrite Protective Coating and will be protected from sun, salt air, acid rain and other damaging elements. Church roofs, School roofs, facades, mansard roofs and other colored metal roofs are a major part of the image of the building. Restore the color and luster of your faded roofs with Everbrite and renew the image of your building.

This metal roof has been restored with Everbrite                     

Why do metal roofs fade? The paint on metal roofs will fade when the sun bakes the top coat off of the painted metal. If the paint is not protected, it can continue to chalk and oxidize.  The paint can be restored to look new again and can be maintained indefinitely. 

How can dull, faded, oxidized painted roofs be restored?  The chalky oxidation can be washed off, leaving a clean but dull and unprotected metal roof.  Then, Everbrite Clear Protective Coating is applied to restore and protect the metal.  Everbrite will bring out the color and luster of the metal roof.   Everbrite has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants for long lasting protection and can be maintained indefinitely.  Everbrite is clear so it works on every color. 

First, the chalk and oxidation need to be scrubbed off.  Abrasive pads that will remove the chalk but will not scratch the paint are included with the kits below.  Once the chalk is removed and the metal roof looks good when it is clean and wet, then 2 coats of Everbrite are applied to restore the color and luster of the roof.  Everbrite can be sprayed on with a paint sprayer or it can be rolled on with a microfiber roller.  

Faded metal roofs can be restored to look new again          Before and after of restored metal roof

Small Everbrite Restoration KitWant to try Everbrite on your faded metal roof?  A small Everbrite Restoration Kit will restore the color and luster to about 13 square feet of your metal roof with 2 coats. Includes everything you need to clean off the chalky oxidation and Everbrite to restore the color and luster of the metal roof.

Want a Larger Kit?  Check out our Everbrite Kits with cleaners. 

Everbrite Coatings are very specialized and are not sold in retail stores but can be shipped directly to you by UPS or US Post Office. Shop safely and securely on our Secure Online Store or Call us direct at 916-852-0200 Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Pacific Time except major holidays.

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