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Has Your Paint Or Powder Coating Lost It's Luster?

Restore the Color and Luster of Faded, Oxidized Painted or Powder Coated Metal

Dull, Faded paint can ruin the look of buildings and businesses.
You can enhance the curb appeal of your home or business
by restoring the color and luster of dull, faded, oxidized surfaces to look new again.

Everbrite is an easy to apply, self leveling clear protective coating that will restore the original color and luster of storage doors, garage doors, aluminum siding, steel siding, automobiles, equipment, tractors, curtain wall, metal buildings, painted metal roofs, window frames and much more. Once the metal looks new again, Everbrite will continue to protect and keep it much easier to clean. Everbrite has U.V. blockers and Anti-Oxidants to protect the metal from sun, salt air, corrosion, oxidation, rust, fading and more.

Many Types of Painted Metal Can Be Restored

Our doors look incredible. I had always thought the ad photos were an exaggeration, however to see is to believe. The sun and particulates in the air here in Bakersfield had really taken their toll. Obviously, I knew our doors needed attention, however it was stunning to see the difference between the before and after. In reality, the doors were much worse than I had imagined. It now looks like a new facility.
~Thank you, Penny Smith, Fortress Self Storage, Bakersfield, CA

Everbrite makes a door look brand new. Great stuff.
~John Brick, U-Haul Corporation

We have used this product and can recommend it without hesitation or reservation.
~Robert D. Howard Whiteville Mini Storage

What Do I need to Restore my Painted Metal?

Everbrite Trial Kit 4 oz

Everbrite Trial Kit 4 oz This Everbrite Trial Kit is a great way to try Everbrite or for smaller projects

Everbrite Starter Kit 16 oz

Everbrite Starter Kit 16 oz This Everbrite Starter Kit is a great way to restore the color and luster to about 125 square feet of faded or chalky metal siding or other metal surfaces.

All Everbrite Kits with Cleaners

All Everbrite Kits Everbrite Kits with All Cleaners.

Try a Starter Kit for Your Storage Doors. A Starter Kit will restore 3 Large Roll-up Doors. Includes everything you need to restore your doors.

Hi- just want you to know that the Everbrite product I ordered arrived here promptly. I am very happy with the results. My (bright yellow)aluminum siding shines like new. Very noticeable where I couldn't quite reach to apply it. (Gable ends of the house.) But that's quite alright. I should tell you that I am a 78 year old grandma, and had absolutely no problems rejuvenating the look of my house.
~Thank you. Marty Wasker

The steel siding that I had installed on my house in 1984 was guaranteed against everything except fading, the fading part it did quite well. I tried for several years to find something that would work to clean it with, but nothing ever seemed to work. I was searching the internet one day and came upon your site. I order the starter kit to see if it would work, I was so impressed with your product, I ordered two more quarts of the Everbrite to finish up the south and east side of my house. Your produce saved me from either have to replace all the siding or paint it, neither one of those options appealed very much to me. Thanks for a great product.
~J. Hanna

Everbrite Garage Door Kit and restore your faded garage doors.

Everbrite is a product that not only is user friendly but also beautiful when complete. The cleaning concentrate does clean the oxidation and mildew. Following the easy directions, it did a great job. I chose to use a white lint free cloth for application and was amazed at how easy the Everbrite can be applied. Our aluminum siding again looks as it should. Thank you for a wonderful protective finish. Sincerely, Jim
~Leah Kegey

Try Everbrite and see just how beautiful your siding can be.  A Trial Kit will restore about 25 square feet, a Starter Kit will cover about 125 square Feet.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know, how happy I am with the results I got from your product. I ordered the Everbrite kit to try on my faded, moss green Steel garage doors. In less than 2 hours I cleaned and coated 4, 8x8 single doors. I think I'm going to use the rest on my faded fiberglass boat!
~Scott Milligan

Hello. Thanks for your follow-up. I received the product and my garage door looks great! Thanks!! It's been a pleasure doing business with your company. My neighbor across the street asked me what I did to my door. I gave him your website and he's going to buy some also for his door!!
~Regards, Jerry

Everbrite Coatings are easy to apply. The metal needs to be cleaned and all dirt, oxidation, and chalk are removed by washing the metal with EZPrep and water. Rinse well to remove all soap and apply Everbrite Clear Protective Coating to the clean, dry surface. Everbrite can be sprayed on with paint sprayers or aerosol cans, wiped on with clear-coat applicators or rolled on with high density foam rollers. Get an Everbrite Trial Kit and see just how beautiful your faded metal can look.

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