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The following videos will show how to easily apply Everbrite and ProtectaClear coatings

Everbrite has discovered a new, easier, water-saving way to clean chalky metal doors. This method was accidentally discovered while cleaning doors in the Mojave desert where water is precious. It turns out to be faster too! Also, there is less chance of getting water in the units. The following videos show the process step-by-step.

This video is an overview of the Everbrite Restoration process. This process can be used on all painted metal surfaces. 

The following video goes into more detail than the Overview above. This video shows close-ups of exactly how to clean and restore the finish of chalky metal storage doors.  This process can be used on all painted metal surfaces. 

This is a training video. Nothing fancy. No speakers needed and it shows the exact method of cleaning and restoring storage doors or other painted metal. 

How-to wipe Everbrite Coating on with a pad instead of spraying the coating on with a sprayer. This is fine for small jobs or for just a few doors but when coating a larger job or more than just a few doors, spraying is much faster and creates a more even finish.  Small HVLP sprayers can be purchased for under $100.

ProtectaClear is an excellent coating for jewelry and other small, delicate items. This video shows how to clean and protect jewelry with ProtectaClear. 

Video of the Application process for ProtectaClear to protect stainless steel or other metals.


How to Open the Can and Remove the Insert.

The insert is necessary to prevent leaking during shipping. Once you remove the insert, you can throw it away. The screw top should be kept on the can to prevent spills.

Watch a Video from a Customer who refinished his mast with ProtectaClear. It transforms from a nasty piece of metal to a beautiful and graceful mast gliding across the bay.

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